Second Courses


Mixed boiled meats with Emilian sauces - S.Q.

Bolognese cutlet 

Beef filet with Porcini mushrooms 

Escallop with Porcini mushrooms 

Escallop with balsamic vinegar 

Omlette with balsamic vinegar 

Beef filet with balsamic vinegar 

Mix fry Emiliana 

Beef pieces with balsamic vinegar
and arugula and parmesan 


Milanese cutlet 

Stew or marrowbone 

Venetian style or grilled Liver 

Beef filet with green pepper 

Grilled Porcini mushrooms 

Grilled mixed vegetables 

Grilled mixed vegetables half 

Grilled mixed vegetables with Tomino cheese 

Escallop with lemon or wine 

Trattoria Boni - Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 22/c-d - Bologna


campagna spaghetti all'amatriciana