agnese ramini

Probably in the same site, an Osteria existed in 1800, where travellers from the countryside arriving on coach at Porta Saragozza (at the time a station for public and private transport) would stop at the osteria for relaxing and eating. From 1972 Irma Boni has thinned our her visit to the trattoria, handling over the running to her children Antonio and Agnese, assisted by her in-laws Norio and Fernanda, by that time graduated cooks from professional college.

As a recap, and a curious analogy of coming and going:

* First delicatessen shop in via Saragozza 71, 1950-1955.

* Second venture: dairy shop in via Porrettana 147 (now via Don Luigi Sturzo)

* Third venture: return to via Saragozza, this time at number 88, with the purchase of the permit and the listing that became famous of Trattoria Boni 1961-1999

* Fourth venture: return to the Funivia area with the purchase of the new building in via Don Luigi Sturzo 22 (previously via Porrettana) 1999

Trattoria Boni - Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 22/c-d - Bologna


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